TUVALU DXpedition - November 10 to December 4 2011

Pacific DXers have reorganised their first DXpedition to TUVALU. 
We look forward to putting you in the log!


Callsign:  .T2T.     8.5 S   179.2 E

IOTA: OC-015        CQZ: 31        ITUZ: 65         Grid-Square: RI91ol

QSL Manager: Pacific DXers QSL SERVICE requests also accepted by email
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Note: VK4FW is the QSL manager for Pacific DXers.
         Bill Horner, 13 McConnell Rd, Maidenwell, QLD 4615, Australia. QSL-Mgr@pacific-dxers.com   

Operation will be on ALL bands from 160-6m.  CW-SSB-RTTY-PSK31.
Watch DX Summit or other DX reflectors for frequencies.
Due to weight restrictions on the flight from Fiji, we are only able to put 2 stations on-air. 

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We hope all other DX
operations do too!!
The main island of Funafuti is the focus of travelers, as the only airport in Tuvalu is the Funafuti International Airport, with the island having hotel accommodation. Ecotourism is a motivation of travelers to Tuvalu. The Funafuti Conservation Area consists of 33 square kilometers of ocean, reef, lagoon, channel and islands habitats with the Funafuti Conservation Area including six uninhabited islets.
The outer atolls can be visited on the two passenger/cargo ships Nivaga II and Manu Folau, which provide a round trip visiting the outer islands every three or four weeks. There is no tourist accommodation on the outer atolls.


The T2T online log totals also include the T2V contest effort.

Our log statistics reflect the true propagation we experienced... which was very much different than some of the other dxpeditions operating in the Pacific at the same time!!

We experienced major power problems, many rain storms, and was severly limited in our abilitiy to keep the amplifiers on the air, but continued operating the K3's barefoot for the last 2 weeks.

We would like to thank most of the stations we worked for their patience and determination to get in the log... We could have worked hundreds and hundreds more European stations but due to the 'antics' of a few, we were not able to do so.  Believe us...we TRIED and kept trying... and the statistics do show that almost 10,000 European entries were logged!! 

NOTE:  During the CQ WW contest we inadvertently sent "32" as our zone... so if you put that in your log, then you copied our exchange CORRECTLY.  We have since realised that it should have been "31"...and advised the contest committee... they have advised that all stations who worked us with either zone [31 or 32] will be given credit as zone 31 without penalty. We sincerely apologise for this mistake...and thank the CQ WW Contest Committee for their cooperation!
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